Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What to do?

My Mom says that arguing with me is a waste of time... Coz I win everytime /wahaha

My brother says that arguing with me is a waste of time.. Coz everytime he wins!!! /no


  1. need not do anything, as its going to be a waste of time.. :D;)

  2. hmm.... But I cant afford to lose everytime na!!! Its a matter of self-esteem after all ;) :D

  3. ha ha!!
    Sorry am laughing at your misery but couldn't help it.
    Life's like that friend there are situations like these when we really don't know what to do so just keep doing whatever you are doing coz you may win the argument with your brother someday.

  4. @ Shas
    no probs.. Ya u r right too!! Hope tht day vl come soon...
    n thnx for ur encouragement :) :D

  5. And what do u say ?

    Btw, liked the way u express it in a few words .. bakwaas nai hai koi ;)

    Will read ur other post and might just be following you .. till thn u r invited to my blog too :) love with me and life

  6. What I say?? hm.. I just make face at him n come ;)

    Shukriya :) boora laga ki aapko ye bakwas nahin laga.. :(

    Glad u liked the blog.. Hope u vl like the other blog too :) take care..

    Happy blogging.. :)