Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That girl!

As I was just turning at the end of the lane, I heard a lady's voice - "Hey see the girl has come". I thought I was pointed out. And I slowed my pace. Then another lady's voice, "Who?"

1st lady : "The girl whom I mentioned as Intelligent, smart and beautiful".

(I looked for some other girl, but cudnt see any. As u wud have expected, I was on clouds nine :) ofcourse, never ever heard such a praise!!!)

2nd lady : "hm.."
1st lady : "She is in white dress".

(All of a sudden my merriment got a blow, coz i was in my lovely pink :( Not caring any more, I raced to my home).

But what I didnt understand was, whom the lady was refering to!

And you know what a relief I got, when a week later Mom told that,
she was Mom's new Kitty friend, who is colour blind. /hmm /hmm

P.S. This is a work of fiction based purely on the writers imagination
and what you thought?? :P


  1. lol @ color blind.. cute one...nice 2 visit a blog of a intelligent, smart and beautiful person.. :)

  2. akka climaxla vachinga parunga twisttt...super!!!

  3. @Khushi
    :D Thnk u very much Mam :)

    Haha... thnks :)

  4. @whacky

    Am I supposed to believe tht? :P

    Haha.. Thnk u very much Sandy :)

  5. good one ..... :) :) :)

    Seems that intelligent, smart and beautiful is me ;)