Thursday, March 26, 2009


Why I got into cooking???

Reason I :
Recently, I happened to meet some relatives of mine at dinner time. One of them asked me, "Beta, something is missing in this dish". I went and got for her a pinch of salt. She said, "You must be good cook". Lol.. is that so.. i never knew!!
I gave her my sheepish smile and went, because didnt want to break the somewhat-good-image I've created! So for the next time, I dont want to lie or escape like that (ofcourse, no Satyawadi would like to do!!)

Reason II :
I've often heard from an aunt, "If you want to reach for someone's heart, then you must start through stomach". Wow... thats indeed worhty quote. This will surely help in recession ... what about inviting the boss to dinner???? :D

Reason III :
As in Ratatouille, Gusteau says, "Anyone can cook". Any one includes me also!

Some of the basics of cooking :
  • Cooking is all about proportions.
  • If u really wanna cry but you can't, then go for onion chopping.
  • Check the whistle of cooker otherwise it may do the work of bomb! serious!
  • Only when you feel that you are good at chopping, you get a scream from the great chef (mom) that they are badly out of shape.
  • A real serious one - Add salt to vegetable if you want it to get cooked soon.

Advantages of cooking :
  • This one is a challenge, that one can always win. So be a winner!
  • You can cook depending on your mood.
  • You neednot depend on others.

Disadvantages :
  • Next time your Mom will goto kitty party leaving all the cooking work to you! so beware of tht!
  • As far as the second disadvantage, I didnt find any. If you have got any, please mention, I'll make note of it :D .
Wish u a happy cooking, happy eating and healthy living!! :)



  1. really nice .. a super post to start with !!! liked the advantages of cooking :P

  2. hey priya...very nice blog...
    but i bet u gal...we never get fond of cooking until the situation when a guy comes into life...[:D]

    so disadvantages r always avoided..LOLZ[;)]

  3. Thnx sis :) :D

    lol!! i vl make a note of it n vl inform if anything happens so... ;)

  4. kya bath hai pe up stories i know(courtsey escaping sub wardens )well i enjoyed the post yar..i wud like to add to advantages of cooking...u get to punish urself at times...self realisation...disadvantage..we cant blackmail our lifepartners saying.."if u dont wash the vessels..i may cook dinner.."choose ur escape..

  5. keep posting!!! n nice pic u hav put up...

  6. Haha... yes yaar... got no other thing now to make an article of!!!

    punishing ourselves!!! yes... thts a nice point!

    n the disadvantage! gr8 yaar... this trick vl b of gr8 use.. this can be added to advantage in my opinion!

    thnx PRP :)

  7. so, started preparing your own dishes??????????

  8. @ .
    I have started with Mom's dishes, havnt started my own experiment!! Cant risk that in the first attempt na!!! As the saying goes "First impression is the best impression" am trying to achieve tht :P
    But am confident, I vl have my cookbook soon with my own recipes :D :D

  9. Hey! U know! I started cooking! for past 1 month! its really good!

    Like searching movies in online and downloading! started with simple dishes and going complex as much! I can!

    While cooking, get rid of all ur tension, you have and cook happy mood :)

    else! at last.. we are punished to eat that!
    Be Careful! :(

  10. @balaji

    Haha... even i did that searching for a couple of months :)

    well said.. 'getting rid of tension!' worthy point. noted.

    Thnk u :)

  11. ahem ahem !!
    It depends a lot on the proportion and Mood
    Nicely said :D

    They don't just leave you for the kitty parties its even their long trips :(

    P.S: i guess you need to enable OpenID in all your BLOGS :D

  12. @ Vacker

    oops.. i have recently forgot abt this!! now enabled.. hope i vl b coming wth new posts in this section! lets c..